Alex Cunha & Clement Chabernaud Photographed by Ohnur for Esquire Spain May 2014

all the nihilists in the house say ‘meh.’ 

My fuse may be a lil short lately, as an explanation, but not really a excuse for the following thoughts. 

The tumblr and a good portion of the LGBT community can go fuck itself. A recent obsession with being persecuted and ailed in some way has rendered a group of people who had managed to get over the hump of others caring (not to a degree of pacifism, which is a topic I’ll tackle on another thoughtful day.) into a little huddle of people so taken with the glow of false conviction that they’re essentially useless to anybody but their own narcissism. 

Now of course I refrain from throwing this umbrella of judgement on everyone, as there are real contenders. People who actually get up and fight, support, and be a body for the community. As a transgendered individual, I’ve made attempts and bi-annual events at my local LGBT center, including clothing swaps, and I know plenty of others who do as well. My heart goes out to these people who not only contribute in thought, but action as well. 

As I think about it, that’s the difference. What the fuck good are you if you’re just going to sit there and absorb and share the information. Awareness is there. You’ve achieved awareness. Of course it should be maintained, but what good is having such self righteous conviction if all you’re gonna do is reblog shit all day. Take some of that high and mightiness to the street and make a goddamn impact. I really have no time for you otherwise.